Forager at Flavorish

If you weren’t recently at the Flavorish Forager event on the ninth, picture this: a rainy Miami summer day, a table sitting in the center of the Flavorish market filled with lush, edible, Miami plant life, and a small community of foodies, poets, writers, and other groupies coming together to educate themselves about the delicious greenery and fruits of Miami.

The three plant-loving people who taught us many useful facts such as that because of the natural yeast coating it, elderflower can be used to make champagne, are Tiffany Noe, George Echevarria, and their friend Nick.  A down to earth bunch, literally, they wrote the field guide Forager: A Subjective Guide to Miami’s Edible Plants, currently for sale at Flavorish.  This extremely informative and beautiful book gives the reader facts about much of the edible plant life in Miami, describing to you the flavor of the fruit or plant and giving you a history of each one and a scientific name to top it off!  In this collection of delectable fruits and plants, you won’t only find your basic tropical offerings such as mango and papaya, but incredible new and refreshing varieties of plants that you may never have heard of such as Brazilian Peppercorn, Monstara, and Spanish Needles.  The authors describe the guide as “a love letter to Miami,” which it most definitely is with its romantic light pink pages and beautiful Miami scenery.

The Flavorish event started out with a glass of lovely wine and a close look at the foraged plants in simple white bowls on the table.  So many plants were available to taste, from cranberry hibiscus to monstara and tamarind.  Tiffany, one of the authors of the guide, picked all the fruits and plants on display in just two short hours!  I was in awe at this lush array of delicious plant species and the passion for foraging shown by Tiffany.  After a little taste and chat, the authors discussed the guide and their own personal love of foraging anywhere.  As the event came to a close, I reflected on how much I learned about my own home!  I came to the conclusion that Forager is a must on all of our bookshelves!!forager