Flavorish at the Summer Fancy Food Show in NYC

About 180,000 foods and beverages were showcased this past June during the specialty foods show at the Javits Convention Center in New York City.  Three full days and 2730 exhibitors representing 49 countries at this sixtieth edition resulted in the largest show to date.

summer ffs

Upon entering Javits, Jen and I encounter an overwhelming yet exciting array of colorful food displays carefully prepared by the exhibitors.

From our previous food show experience, we choose to skip breakfast at the hotel and gear up for this extravaganza.

As we begin interacting with vendors and tasting their foods, we realize how much the specialty food industry has evolved in the past few years. In their efforts to stand out from the crowd, wise food producers have become quite creative and have managed to come up with rather interesting and flavorful products. Ingredients such as lemon juice, cane sugar, olive oil, and sea salt are sure to be found in most packages. Gluten free, vegan, all natural, USDA Organic and GMO free labels are highly noticeable, as well as statements such as “homemade”, “from our farm to your table”, “handcrafted for you”, “artisanal” and “nothing else but love,” just to mention a few.  An example of the aforementioned is “Bruce Cost” Ginger Ale, a refreshing soft drink made with 100% fresh ginger, pure cane sugar and monk fruit.


ginger ale

A few hours into the show, we stumble upon booth #4362, Chuao Chocolatier, Flavorish Market’s best selling chocolates. Chuao’s communications director, Brooke Feldman, greeted us and introduced master chef and Chuao Chocolatier cofounder, Michael Antonorsi. We spoke with Mr. Antonorsi for a few minutes and learned that he trained as a French chef and pastry chocolaterie in Paris. Chuao Chocolatier is the first Venezuelan chocolatier based in the United States, and his concept is”fusion chocolate,” the creation of unusual, unexpected flavors using premium cacao from the legendary Chuao region in Venezuela and other natural ingredients.  As you make your way to Flavorish, make sure to look for Mr. Antonorsi’s handcrafted chocolate bars. At our market, you’ll find a diverse selection that includes the honeycomb bar, spicy maya, firecracker, potato chip, pretzel toffee twirl, and our customers’ favorite bar, maple bacon.

chuaoffs pic

In addition to Chuao chocolate bars, we were able to find other products that caught our attention in the same way. Among these were coconut chips, kale chips, gelato from Maine, dairy free-coconut milk ice cream, and mayonnaise with exotic formulations and flavors such as white truffle, roasted garlic, smoked paprika, rosemary, and lime pickle.


alain eataly
A visit to the Chelsea Market and Eataly is always part of our itinerary while in New York City. Located in the area known as the Meat Packing District in Manhattan, Chelsea Market is one of the most popular indoor food halls in the United States, and houses over 35 independently owned food shops.  Eataly, at 200 Fifth Avenue, might just be every foodie’s sweetest dream. An Italian food market mall, it comprises a variety of restaurants, bakeries, food and beverage stations in over fifty thousand square feet of joyful textures, smells, and flavors.
Whether at the specialty food show, the Chelsea market or the coffee shop around the corner, the Flavorish trip to Manhattan was delightfully worthwhile as we gladly bring you a taste of this culinary experience to our home at 7283 Biscayne Blvd.